Our Aims

Our Aims

We aim to be a financially viable, socially useful and environmentally responsible business:

To operate a financially viable food business at the heart of a sustainable and viable village high street,

To operate as a pioneering community-owned cooperative, to enable local people to have a real stake in the enterprise,

To provide and enhance retail choice to local people in and around Slaithwaite,

To be part of a ‘destination’ village, for locals and visitors,

To preserve a distinctive and traditional offering that includes affordable, ethically sourced, healthy and local products,

To provide rewarding employment for local people, encouraging participation and empowerment, and paying good wages within the financial constraints of the business,

To contribute to the development of a ‘new economic model’ which is sustainable, thus promoting local resilience,

To operate in an environmentally-conscious way, minimising energy use in our operations, as well as helping our customers to minimise their carbon footprint.

The Green Valley Grocer a community owned shop for Slaithwaite offering fresh, local produce and quality healthy foods