Business Proposition

The Business Proposition

Quality: We seek to be distinctive in terms of the quality of the food we sell. We source good quality produce which focuses on flavour, freshness, and provenance, rather than the uniform, bland, ‘showroom’ appearance for which supermarket produce is often selected. We will not stock foods that are highly processed and full of artificial additives.

Fresh: As a purveyor of fruit, vegetables, fish and dairy products we seek to ensure, through regular ordering, that our produce is always fresh and wholesome. Our product range offers a substantially lower level of packaging than that which is offered by larger competitors.

Local: Locally grown and produced foods form a substantial proportion of our offer and openness about food provenance is a guiding principle.

Customer Service: Friendly, helpful staff, who are knowledgeable, informative and interested in the products we offer, are essential to our proposition. We would describe all of our staff as ‘foodies’ who have an interest in growing and/or cooking. We aim to maintain a modern relationship with our customers using technology and responding quickly to feedback and changes in customer needs.

Community Ownership: Our structure and ownership model roots the business very firmly both in the values and principles of the co-operative tradition, and within the local community.

The Green Valley Grocer a community owned shop for Slaithwaite offering fresh, local produce and quality healthy foods