About us

About us

Co-operative Membership

The Green Valley Grocer is a co-operative and community-owned shop, we are registered as an Industrial and Provident Society. As a Cooperative, all members have equal say, so no one shareholder’s views can dominate.

In June 2017 we completed our 8th year of trading and recorded a modest net profit. As a result, for the fifth year running, we have awarded our members a 5% dividend return on their investment, this is 5p in the pound. We now have 340 members, who have invested from £10 upwards. Many invested right at the start in 2009 when we first bought the business and took over the shop, many more have joined since then. Use our Contact Us page to enquire about membership.

Founder member Camilla Govan said "We need to make a profit to be a viable business, able to invest in the future to keep serving the community. We exist because our members believe in our vision, we are delighted to be able to reward them."

Jean Margetts, one of the first local residents to invest in 2009, said, “Being a member of the Green Valley Grocer co-operative business is a great thing for me. The co-operative aspect means that I and other members can feel part of the whole business – not just regularly shopping there, but having a part to play at meetings, suggesting different products, encouraging local people to bring their produce to sell at the shop. Now members have got an opportunity to take a dividend it means that our investment can have a financial benefit too.”

And Emma O'Connor said "We bought Slaithwaite Post Office a few months before the Green Valley Grocer co-operative was launched and so we understand the importance of community. We also had total faith in the set-up team so investing was a definite yes for us. It has been fantastic to watch the village grow both commercially and in community spirit over the last 5 years and we are sure that the Grocers has played a very important role in this. To be given a dividend is excellent as it proves the co-operative concept works and it is always lovely to get something back from an investment!"

Our share offer is still open, we welcome new members who wish to have a say in the major decisions of this business in the years to come.

The Green Valley Grocer a community owned shop for Slaithwaite offering fresh, local produce and quality healthy foods